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HALO 1 & HALO2 Game Night...

  Game Night varies from time to time because the core of our players live out of town and their schedules don't always match up to get them all here to play together. Usually the folks from Longview come down on Thursdays. If you're in driving distance and want to come to a game, email me at: [scroll over my address] and let me know you want to come and play.

  We're always looking for more targets/players to join us, so if you dare!

OUR PLAYERS  [bullseyeTeam Puma ]

     bullseye Puma: Tim; Portland, OR.
     bullseye DarkSyn: Will; Rainier, OR.
     Goddess: Andrea; Memphis, TN.
     ClayQ: Clayton; Longview, WA.
     bullseye Bratty_Cat: Sandra; Portland OR.
     Heidi: Heidi; MN.
     Slayer: Buffy, Kelso; WA. [Daemon's Mom]
     bullseye Daemon: Daemon; Kelso, WA. [He's 7!!!]
     BubbleGrunt: Barry; Gresham, OR.
     bullseye HoezerBiotch: Jose; from Portland, OR.
     bullseye NthSoulSlayer: Rider; from, AK.
     bullseye Nubbs: Dale [Tim's Brother!]; Portland, OR.
     187: Ben; 'B' Portland, OR.
     Dalamar: Don; Portland, OR.
     Feedle: Archer; Portland, OR.
     The Guardians: Christina; 'Chibi' Portland, OR.
     Foxhole Romeo: Frank; Eugene, OR.