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Current Projects

  Currently working on a group of Witch Hunters for Mike. 30 Battlesisters and 3 Penitent Engines. Penitent Engines are almost completed. Battlesisters are ready for white armor detailing and main colors.

Miniature painting pricing...

 I charge $4 per model for models the size of your average Imperial Guardsman or Necron warrior, gretchin or Termagants. Price may increase to $5 like standard troops based o nthe owner's want for details.

  I usually charge $5 per basic model. ie. Marines without jump packs, Orks, most Eldar models bigger than Guardians, Witchhunters, man-sized Daemons, etc. This charge includes basing of the models to match the rest of the army.

  I will add $1 per model for things like Marines with jump packs and models slightly larger than their normal members of the related armies.

  Prices increase to $7 for models like Terminators and Orks in Mega Armor. The price may increase base on the detail of the model and number of colors you want used.

  After armies are inspected and a price is in the midst of being quoted, I reserve the right to increase or decrease the cost of the job based on time and other projects I am accepting or working on. For 'friends' I may even lower the price to half of normal.